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गर्भवती होने की दुआ

गर्भवती होने की दुआ, निकाह के बाद एक दंपत्ति की ज़िन्दगी में औलाद के सुख को सबड़े बड़ा सुख बताया गया है। यह सुख अल्लाह ताला की सबसे बड़ी देन मानी जाती है। संसार में किसी भी जीव की उत्पत्ति होना या मरण को प्राप्त होना अल्लाह के हाथ में ही है। हम और आप तो केवल इस संसार में रंगमंच की कठपुतलियों के समान है। निकाह के कुछ सालों बाद भी यदि किसी पति-पत्नी के औलाद नहीं होती तो वह बहुत ज्यादा निराश हो जाती है।

वह अल्लाह से लाख मन्नतें और दुआ कर लेते है, लेकिन उनकी दुआ कबूल नहीं होती। अक्सर ऐसा होता है कि महिला गर्भ या अमल धारण भी कर लेती है, लेकिन वह औलाद होने से पहले ही गिर जाता है। ऐसी परेशानियों को दूर करने के लिए आप गर्भवती होने की दुआ अल्लाह से कर सकते है। कुरान में दी गई कुछ आयत की मदद से कोई भी महिला गर्भवती होने की दुआ मांग सकती है।

  • गर्भवती होने की दुआ फज्र की नमाज अदा करने के बाद पढ़नी है। यह दुआ यदि मिया-बीवी साथ मिलकर पढ़े तो अल्लाह ज्यादा जल्दी अपनी रहमत दिखा देता है और आपकी मुराद पूरी होने में कम समय लगता है। गर्भवती होने की दुआ इस प्रकार है-

लिल लाहि मुल्कुस सामावाती वाल अर्ज

याख्लुकु मा यशाऊ यहबू लिमय यशाऊ

इनासव व यहबू लिमय यशाऊज जुकूर

इस आयात का मतलब है जमीन और आसमान में अल्लाह की ही बादशाहत है और जो वह जाता है वही होता है। वह जिसके चाहे बच्चा पैदा कर सकता है। बेटा होना या बेटी होना भी अल्लाह के ही हाथ में है। गर्भवती होने की दुआ आपको फज्र की नमाज अदा करने के बाद 133 बार मरतबा पढ़नी है। आयात पूरी होने के बाद पानी पर दम करके उसे पी ले। ऐसा करने से बेहद जल्द अल्लाह खुश होकर आपको औलाद का सुख दे देगा।

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Quranic Dua To Get Pregnant

Quranic Dua To Get Pregnant or for beautiful baby while pregnant can be use to get pregnant after miscarriage. You can also use our dua to get pregnant in a month and make your life with full of joy.

There isn’t a better feeling than having a life growing inside you. It is like carrying a whole world inside you. This considers being one of the happiest moments of a couple’s life.  Getting pregnant and becoming parents are the roles that a husband and wife keep seeking to play ever since they get together.

But in some cases, say about 19%, couples fail to conceive. In Islam, we have Quranic dua to get pregnant soon. Yes, there is medical science, but there is something greater, the power of Duas, that can bring alive the happiest moments of a husband and wife.

Parenthood isn’t easy, but the most challenging part is conceiving. It takes time. Sometimes, 1, 2 or at times three years and many more. But all you need to have is faith in the Quranic dua to get pregnant.

A lot of people opt for medical tests and consider other options, but why not try the powerful duas to get pregnant once? They’re powerful and will help you conceive sooner than you expect.

If you recite the Quranic dua to get pregnant, with the blessings of Allah, you will be able to step into parenthood soon. Life will grow inside you, and in no time, you will be able to nurture and take care of a little one and find yourself in love with someone who isn’t even born yet.

The Quranic dua to get pregnant is very intense, and you need to recite them regularly for them to work. A dua is, “Lord, grant me a progeny from your power.

You are the only one who listens to the prayer.” Apart from that, some people pray for sons as they are very important in life. To conceive a son, “Lord, bless me with a son” is a Quranic dua to get pregnant.

Dua For Beautiful Baby While Pregnant

Dua For Beautiful Baby While Pregnant, A baby takes place in your heart and life that you never knew even existed. They’re blessings that you receive from above.

Babies are precious little bundles of happiness that husbands and wives give birth to cherish and love. To conceive, couples can recite Quranic dua to get pregnant.

Often, we expect little ones to be angel-like. No doubt they are, but there are duas which can help you conceive beautiful little bundles of joy. You can recite a dua for beautiful baby while pregnant.

Yes, Islamic dua for beauti

ful baby while pregnant is very strong. Moreover, it gives results as a form of Allah’s blessings. All you need to is recite them regularly.

The Aulad E Narina is one dua you can recite if you want to give birth to babies who look like divine beings.

Be it the Quranicdua to get pregnant soon or the dua for beautiful baby while pregnant, if you have faith, Allah will bless your soul.

Dua To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

Dua To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage, While conceiving a baby and watching life grow within you daily is a blessing, in some cases, some parents lose their babies for reasons that can be heartbreaking.

The news of pregnancy is joyful for the husband and wife, no doubt, as well as the entire family but a miscarriage during pregnancy can be very difficult to deal with. At times, people find it difficult to cope with such situations and fall prey to depression and anxiety issues.

But what we want you to know is you must not lose hope because Allah is watching you, my dear! He knows about all your pains and fears. You need to hold onto Him and have faith in Him. He will show you the right path.

You know one miscarriage isn’t the end of the world. He will reward you with parenthood if you believe in Him and keep Him in your duas. The Quranic dua to get pregnant after miscarriage will bring you closer to the day when you can carry your husband’s love in your womb.

But you must remember one thing, since you’re trying for a kid after a miscarriage, once you conceive, you must take extra care – both of yourself and the little one. But how to make sure you conceive? The Quranic dua to get pregnant after miscarriage! Is there one? Absolutely!

You can recite
“BirWaMaas SabrukaIlllaa Billaahi WaLaa
Tahzan Alayhimwa Laataku Zeeqim Mimmaa
Vam kuroonInna IIaaha Ma-IIIeattaqaw
WakkadLe Hum Muhsinoon”

if you want to get pregnant after a miscarriage! This is also a dua for a beautiful baby while pregnant. After a miscarriage, your body will go through a lot of physical changes, and your emotional turmoil is undoubtedly understandable.

If you surrender yourself to the faith of Allah, your troubles will cease to exist. But do remember, you can take the help of medical treatment as well. Once you conceive, take care of yourself, your baby and your body changes, and you will be able to give birth to a baby successfully.

Dua To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

Dua To Get Pregnant In A Month, Expecting a little one, pregnancy, parenthood is the beginning of a husband and wife’s lives’ most precious moments. Isn’t it? When a couple starts trying to conceive, it is only when they feel that a new life is stirring inside of them.

They’re pleased. So, while trying to conceive, couples often want to get pregnant soon. What if we tell you there are Quranic duas for that purpose? Yes, you can find Quranic dua to be pregnant in a month or so.

Couples trying to fill their lives with laughter and joy of having a baby won’t have to wait for more. They can recite the Quranic dua to get pregnant in a month and receive the best of Allah’s blessings in the form of a bundle of joy living inside them.

Becoming a parent is beautiful, and there’s something so pure and crazy about it. So, trust Allah in your journey of becoming a parent and let the love of your life growing inside of you. We wish you a healthy child, and may you feel the best feeling of motherhood.

Dua For Keeping Baby Safe During Pregnancy

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