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Dua for controlling husband

“Dua for controlling husband “In today’s world, a lot of wives are suffering from marital issues at the hands of their husbands. They fight and argue with their husbands on several issues. And sometimes things may get out of order. However, in order to stop such fights, you have one more option. You can get control over your husband. When you get controlling power on your husband, you can have a happy and satisfying marital life. The dua for controlling husband in Quran will help you easily control the mind of your husband.

Today, we more often see that most of the husbands treat their wives badly. They scold and abuse them and sometimes beat them. The bad behavior creates sourness and insecurity in the heart of the women, and thus it leads to the end of their happy married life. However, if you wish to save your relationship and protect yourself from the arrogance of your husband, then you should recite the wazifa to control husband. The wazifa will help you gain the love, affection and trust of your husband. He will stop being rude to you and will respect you.

In order to control the mind of your husband, you can recite the dua for controlling husband in Quran –

  • The wife should make fresh ablution.

  • On Sunday, in between the Namaz of Magrib and Insha, get some fresh roses.

  • Recite this dua 7 times and then blow it on the flower and keep it under the pillow of your husband.

  • “Allah Humma Tahisa Alaiya Absara Zali Matihi Wal Murideena Bis Sui Wa An Tasrif Kulubuhum An Sharri Ma Yaz Meru Nahi Ila Khaira La Yam Likahu Gairaka”

  • Perform this amal for three nights constantly.

  • However, you should only perform it for a legit reason.

  • Insha Allah, your husband will experience a change in his heart and he will behave differently with you.

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Strong Wazifa For Controlling Husband In Urdu

very often it gets very tough for a wife to be in a relationship with a husband where he is always scolding you and treating you badly. Well, if your husband doesn’t trust you and holds a bad attitude towards you, then it will be very tough for you to spend your whole life with him. You should recite the strong wazifa for controlling husband in Urdu and Insha Allah; your husband will love you and care about you. The wazifa will provide you 100% results through wazifa for husband controlling. It will help you get the real love and affection which a husband has for his wife in the real world.

In case, your husband is beating you daily for no mistake of yours and your matter is sensitive, then you should speak to our Molvi ji. Our Molvi sb. will acknowledge your problem and provide you with the best possible solution. He will guide you and provide you suggestion in your matter.

The strong wazifa for controlling husband in urdu is mentioned below – Sallal Allahu Ala Muhammad Salla Allahu Alyhe Wasallam. Recite it as many times as you can and blow it on your husband.

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