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Dua to extreme calamity

Dua For Extreme Calamity and for safety from sudden calamities can be use for relief from calamities. You can use our dua for protection from natural calamities to save your life from all calamity.

A calamity can be anything from a natural disaster coming our way to the death of dear ones. A real calamity harms our faith and our high ethics. It is a belief that calamities that are not related to religion are not actual calamities.

Calamities are the test, and yet they are like medicines even though it is resentful. Some calamities are a means of absolution for sins, and some others such as disease are blessing from Allah, which serves as refinement.

It was narrated when Allah wants suitable for his people, he bound the punishment for him in this world only, but when Allah wants ill for his people, he restrains his punishments for his sins until he comes with all his sins on the Day of Resurrection. Each calamity is because of a sin that has to be forgiven.

In one hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says that Allah sends the most violent and most severe calamities to the ones whom he loves the most.

And also If a human being does not deserve a place prepared for him in (Heaven) with his deeds, Allah sends a calamity to his body or his properties or his family so that he is made to deserve this place through his patience to this calamity.”(Ahmad bin Hanbal V-272).

Calamity hits a believer so that he will deserve a perfect place in Heaven, and this is the only reason why Prophet experienced a lot of calamities and misfortunes.

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Dua For Safety From Sudden Calamities

Dua For Safety From Sudden Calamities, Sudden calamity strikes when they are least expected. They strike without any warning. So always remember the value of Allah’s blessings during times of difficulty and show gratitude.

Always be thankful, and Allah will increase you. We must learn to have faith in Allah as his timing is perfect in every matter. It’s we who do not understand the wisdom behind them. It’s he who knows what is best for you. Many ignorant think that they can make better choices in life than Allah can.

You will find that many people fail to get the lucky number of the ticket they bought. If you are not sure about the fact that you will win or not, then you can take the help of astrology.

Astrology comes with every solution, and you can certainly take help from it. Allah has given luck to everyone but you have to know how to utilize it. Most of the people never realize how success can transform everything.

Due to this reason, whenever they buy lottery tickets, they think that they will not win. But if you take the help of dua, then you will undoubtedly win the lucky number. You need to have a positive mindset at the time of buying a lottery ticket.

Also, you must have full faith in Allah. You can take the help of Maulvi who will provide you with the dua. With self-confidence, you need to believe in dua that he will provide. You will undoubtedly win the lottery number.

Which Taweez I Can Use For Winning The Lottery?

Taweez for winning lottery, The world is quite selfish, and when it comes to money matters, no one is ready to help. Everybody works hard to earn more so that they can lead a lavish lifestyle. But you must be aware of the fact that making money is quite hard.

Due to this reason, it is best if you choose to go for a lottery. You can only fulfill your wishes and desires through money. Only money can give you enough respect and attention not alone in your family but also among friends.

A lot of families are there who suffer daily due to financial issues. So, if you want to keep your family happy and meet your desires, then you should have money. But, if you’re going to make more money within a short period, then the lottery is the best option.

No one is going to help you, especially if you face financial issues. Currently, if you have bought lottery tickets and want to win it, then you can take the help of astrology. Most of the economic problems have a solution is astrology.

But for this, you will have to take the help of Maulvi who has extensive knowledge in this field. After buying the lottery ticket, make sure that you are visiting him.

He will provide you with Taweez which has immense power. You will have to follow the instructions that he gives if you want to win the lottery. Make sure that you are practicing Taweez with full faith in Allah; otherwise, you will not get results. Girl in a jacket

Which Dua I Can Use To Win Lucky Draw

Dua To Win Lucky Draw, Do you feel that your primary source of income is enough? Are you planning to earn more for you and your family? Then it is best if you take the help of the lottery since it is the only way to make huge. The problem of low income has become one of the common issues for everyone.

If you have a family quite obviously, you will require more money to support them. Also, without enough money, you will never get to fulfill your dreams and desires. A lottery is one of the best solutions when it comes to earning a considerable amount of money.

But winning a lottery requires good luck which and everyone is not that lucky. It is essential to understand that your family depends on you for everything. But if you do not have enough income, then you will fail to meet the needs.

After purchasing a lottery ticket, if you feel that you will not win it, then astrology can help. Astrology has a solution to every type of financial problems and you can take help from it. Allah gives luck to everyone and you should understand that.

If you feel that you will not win it, then you should take the help of a Maulvi. He will provide you with every solution that will let you win the lottery. Make sure that you tell about the financial problems to the Maulvi.

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