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Which Dua I Can Use For Marriage Problems?

Dua For Marriage Problems, Marriage is the most divine bond between two earthly people. People believe that a wedding happens only when Allah wants to unite two people. But marriage is not like the fairy tales that you read on the storybooks. It is not easy to stay happily ever after. Of course, you will marry a person when you are in love with the person.

But in many cases, a person is marrying just because the parents of both families want them to marry each other. What if the same things happen to you? You won’t be able to accept the marriage altogether. SO you will prefer to stay apart from your partner as much as possible.But in many cases, a person is marrying just because the parents of both families want them to marry each other. What if the same things happen to you? You won’t be able to accept the marriage altogether. SO you will prefer to stay apart from your partner as much as possible.

Love marriages still today are not accepted. No matter how legitimate your relation is. Your parents and family will always stay sceptical about it. The person who is in love finds it very hard to make the right choice.

You might fall in love with your partner whom you have recently met after your parents arranged for the meeting. But your partner may not like you. Or your partner might already be in love with someone else. But the person had to agree in marrying you under tremendous family pressure. So are you going to lead an unhappy married life forever?

It is not easy to win the love of your partner. Especially if the marriage has been a forceful one, then your partner may even have a feeling of hate towards you. It is a difficult task to melt the heart of your husband or wife.

Nothing is hidden from the almighty and knows it well, what lies in our hearts. Keep your heart clean for your lover. And think the best for him or her. Plan a life with them, which is simple and guided on the path of Allah.

When you feel helpless and think there is nobody around you to help. To make you see the light in these dark times. Then there you should know that there is an invisible hand of Allah. Which is always holding you and will never let you fall. All you have to do is to wait for a little. Give things a little time so that they can fall in the place.

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Dua To Make Parents Agree For Love Marriage

Dua To Make Parents Agree For Love Marriage, Here you have to understand the situation of your parents and family. They are not your enemy. All this while they just want the good for you. They are your ultimate supporters. And their objection is just their concern.

It is so unfortunate that we live in a society which interferes a lot. Your one decision is going to affect your family for long. Your move will make it so very difficult to move outside the house. So whatever decision you are planning to take, just always keep them in mind.

Dua for a quick Love Marriage can be very helpful. Performing Dua for ready Love Marriage can soon turn things your way. The process to perform dua for immediate Love Marriage is as follows:

Your actions will make them suffer for long. And, you obviously do not want to celebrate this great event without them. So, have a little patience and don’t make a move that will break them away from you. Communication is always the best solution to all the problems. We always make things by assuming them in the wrong way.

Prayers To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Prayers To Convince Parents For Love Marriage, You are their child and they have been forgiving all your mistakes. Let them know how much you love that person. Make them understand how he or she is best for you. All they want is your happiness. And, they are just scared that you shouldn’t be making a foolish decision. Love is blind and indeed make us take a stupid decision.

Firstly, here you should be absolutely sure that the decision you are going to make it right for you. And in future, you will not have to regret it. And when your parents see you true dedication. Then they will definitely agree with it. In this life, nothing comes easy. To get what you want, you need to struggle for it.

What is more important here is that whatever you do has to be legitimate. Your situation is so weak here that you want everything to work in your favor. You cannot offend Allah and at the same time your parents. When nothing goes in our favor we tend to take the extreme actions. Most of the times the only option remaining is to run away.

Surah To Convince Parents For Love Marriage

Surah To Convince Parents For Love Marriage, Please don’t take such an extreme action. This will do you no good. And for the rest of your life, you have to spend your life by hiding your face. Running from people. This will bring shame just not to you but your parents too. your wait is worth it. All the struggle you are going through currently will inshallah give you the good result.
Allah looks for your intention which certainly has to be good. You have to look both ways and that is the harsh truth. No matter what you have to calculate each and every step of yours. These decisions cannot be taken solely just on emotions. You do whatever you can. If you really want to spend your life with your loved one. You really need to do all this.
And, when after all your efforts still you are not able to convince your parents. Then here is where Allah do his work. He will turn the winds in your favor certainly. So the good move here is to pull him in your favor. Convince him about your desperation. Pray to him day and night and ask him for his help.
He is the most merciful of us all. And he knows about your needs more than you. Care for you more than you care for yourself. So it is time to do a legitimate dua to him. Our Dua has immense power.

Dua To Make His Parents Agree For Marriage

Dua To Make His Parents Agree For Marriage If you do the following dua, your actions will soon be facilitated. Be regular in your namaz as these sincere efforts will make Allah happy. The dua is as following:

They will help you convince your parents in a better way. And, inshallah you will be celebrating your greatest happiness with them. And, most importantly with their blessings. Just hold on and have faith in Allah. May he bless you always. Ameen.

Dua To Convince Parents For Something

Dua To Convince Parents For Something, The young generation’s way of thinking is different from the older generation. These problems can easily be solved if you create a better bond of mutual understanding between you and your parents.

You can also use a dua to convince parents for something as useful options. Reciting this dua will make the thinking of you and your parents the same and thus, you can make them convince for something you desire.

In the case of love marriages, you can witness strong resistance and difference in opinion from your parents. For this, you can use this particular dua for your success. You can perform this dua at any time by taking a fresh ablution.

Then write the verse number 131,132 of the Surah Talah in the Arabic language on two different papers. Dip one of the papers in a glass of water and ask Allah for his blessings. Then drink that glass of water containing the paper.

The other paper you can wrap in a white cloth and safely keep it in your room. This dua is only for one time. You will see positive results in a few days.

Dua For Making Parents Agree For Love Marriage

Dua For Making Parents Agree For Love Marriage, Marriage comes once in a lifetime, and it’s also a momentous occasion for every lover. Every couple wants their parents to be part of their marriage. But sometimes when you chose your partner on your own, the parents do not support you. So you can use dua for making parents agree for love marriage to Allah and ask him for blessings.

This dua will make the thinking of you and your parents thinking similar. Thus they will be happily convinced to be a part of your wedding. The dua is so powerful that your parents will not be angry with your decision and support you as well. Allah Tal also admires this dua. Ah, and he helps to remove the hurdles that lie between you and your love.

It is a fact that Muslim parents often refuse to love marriages and tend to raise their temper just by listening to such things. If your parents are not visiting the person, you love you can use this dua. For this, make a fresh ablution with clean water.

Then you have to recite the Surah Yaseen for three times with full concentration. After this pray to Allah tala to make your parents agree with your marriage. After this, think of your parents and then blow the dua imagining it to spread around. Perform this continuously for eleven days.

In the cases when you do not notice any change after eleven days, you can also visit Molvi Saab for better solutions and guidance. Taking blessings of the parents is very important that too in such a momentous occasion. This dua will melt the heart of your parents making them agreeing for your marriage. Just remember to pray to Allah with full purity and dedication.

Dua To Convince His Parents For Love Marriage

Dua To Convince His Parents For Love Marriage, Sometimes it happens that the lovers are ready to stay together, but their parents are against them. It is also necessary to make your mind and be well prepared for your marriage. If you are competent and confident in your decision, then no parent can deny your wish. The first step is to answer all the questions raised by your parents. Also, do the same by meeting with your in-laws. Try to reach the conclusions for what reasons they are not convinced to proceed with your relationship. Finding all these answers, you will inevitably arrive at a proper judgment if not use dua to convince his parents for love marriage. You will see the positive results soon and also that your parents’ resistance against your marriage will decrease. As parents are the real Gods to us on earth, their blessings and support are most important for living a happy life. You can also ask any of the experts in such fields by meeting them both in online or offline mode.

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