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Dua to make Someone what you say

Dua To Make Someone Agree To What You Say can be use to make someone change their mind and to make someone talk to you. You can use our dua to convince someone for something for quick result.

Every individual has his/her perception. The way we observe things are not the same. You might have seen the same thing but keep differently. This is the reason why a person finds another’s opinion, not the same. As a result of which it causes disagreement between them.

All kind of relationships suffers from such type of differences. These disagreements cause nothing but arguments. It not only affects their relationship but also changes their mind. It is because of their ego and pride that lead them to stay on the evidence.

Regardless of how much affection you have, these disagreements happen unexpectedly and can happen to your relationship too. Have you been facing the same kind of issue? Is your relationship has gone severely affected due to such disagreements with your partner? If yes, you have come to the right place.

We provide you the most effective and powerful dua to make someone agree to what you say. When your words fail to make someone agree, only the will of the Almighty Allah can help you. There is no one but Allah who is capable of changing not only the heart but also the mind. Our only motto is to help you to solve your problems through quranic verses.

Dua To Make Someone Change Their Mind

Dua To Make Someone Change Their Mind, Not every child show their loyalty when it is about their marriage. You have always wanted them to follow the right path. As you have always wanted to make things better for them, even in the future.

They may have different thinking about something that you may not find convincing. Have you been tired of convincing them to change their mind? Does it seem like a failure to change their mind? If yes, try our hundred percent working dua to make someone change their mind.

We provide the most effective and powerful dua that will amaze you with quicker results. With the special dua for a specific problem, you’re inevitably going to change anyone’s mind.

These are the following instructions for dua to make someone change their mind. We recommend you to follow these instructions with sincerity and genuine intention for positive results.

  1. First of all, get yourself abluted.

  2. During the ablution, read –“Inna Allah Yusmiyu Mayyashao.”

  3. the recitation of the 22nd verse from the surah Fatir

  4. Recite it for 111 times

  5. After that, blow on the person whose mind you want to change.

  6. case if he/she is not present, do the same on his/her picture while thinking of the same person.

We have been served a lot of dua and help many others to sort out issues in their lives and relationship. If you follow the instructions, you will be getting results within 21 days.

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Dua To Make Someone Talk To You

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You Falling in love with someone is a special feeling. But your lover does not make her love you too. He/she might not find you attracted to yourself. You might have tried to approach but failed. It is all because you don’t want yourself to get rejected with a broken heart.

Even though you have feelings for him/her does not generate feelings in him/her heart too. There might be some different perception about love relationship. You have tried hard to approach and talk but are not hopeful about the positive outcome you are expecting. If you got into an argument that made a full stop to your conversation, use this dua.

In that case, you must have a last resort to go. There is nothing but a way to make a difference. Reaching out to the most merciful and almighty Allah is your last hope. We have found that Quranic verses hold a high power that can resolve any issues. It is essential for you to get your loved ones back.

And to bring them back or start a conversation with the one you adore, we are here at your service. We provide the most useful dua to make someone talk to you. The only thing you have to do is to follow the instruction with genuine intention and pure heart. Moreover, you have to be faithful to the almighty Allah and his greatness.

Here is the following dua to make someone talk to you.
Bismilla hhir Rahman Nir Raheem
With the name of ALLAH, the courteous and the generous
Sallallahu ‘AlayhiWasallam

Dua To Convince Someone For Something

Dua To Convince Someone For Something, As we all know, perception varies from person to person. Not two persons have the same thoughts and hence, the same opinion. It is hard to show them what you really think is right.

They may have in the wrong way that can harm them. You want to take them to the right path but find it hard to convince them. People are hard to admit their mistakes but find it easy to show other’s mistakes. It is the nature of every human.

If your loved ones are on the right track and you want to correct them, we are here for you. We have collected the most fantastic dua to convince someone for something. With the help of our dua, you will be able to observe the differences.

The only thing you need to do is to perform the dua and offer prayers for the five times a day. It will not only make peace in your mind but also give you the hope to convince your loved ones.

Of course, dua is the most powerful thing in the world which is capable of changing the heart and mind. Indulge yourself in praying and make dua to convince someone for something.  With genuine intention and clean heart, you will be able to make Allah agree so that Allah will help you.

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