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Dua To Make Husband Loyal

The relationship of a husband and wife is complex. Sometimes the husband is obedient but wife isn’t, sometimes the wife is submissive but the husband isn’t loyal at all. Usually in a lot of case, the husband doesn’t prove to be loyal and pay any attention to his wife’s suggestions. Many a times, the wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her. He may have an extra marital affair with other girls. Well such conditions are extremely distressing for a wife. Thus, in order to escape it, you should recite the dua to make husband loyal. The dua will make your husband loyal and he shall never even look at other women or girls.

If your husband is loyal to you, but dominates you and shows disrespect to you and has a bad temperament, then you should recite the wazifa for bad tempered husband. The wazifa is very effective and help you to change the harsh nature and bad temperament of your husband. It will make him loyal, polite and sensitive towards you. If you wish to gain control over your husband and want him to make your obedient, then you should recite the dua to make husband listen to me. When you will recite this dua, your husband will always take your opinion in all his matters and give them preference.

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Dua To Make Husband Listen Me

The dua to make husband listen will give you control over your husband. When you recite this dua, your husband will become docile to you and you can make him do what you actually want. This way you can take charge of the mind of your husband. If your husband doesn’t pay much attention to your suggestions and doesn’t give you importance in family or business matter, then you should find out how to make husband obey you.

There are a lot of husbands who dictate their wives their whole life. They make their wives literally suffer at their hands and dominate them in every way they desire. They consider themselves superior and think that they have all the right to do that. The dua to make husband listen will make your husband change his perspective. He will give you equal rights and consider your say in every matter. He will listen to your suggestions and apply them when and where needed.

In case your husband hits you in his bad temperament and treats you very badly, then you should seek instant help from our Astrologer ji. He will provide you with the wazifa for bad tempered husband. Insha Allah, you will get its benefits in a short span of time.

wazifa is mentioned below –

  • Perform this dua after the obligatory of the night after making fresh ablution.

  • Recite Durood Shareef 5 times in the beginning.

  • The dua is “Aoozubillahi Minash Shaitani-ir Rajeem, Bismillah Hir Rehamanir Raheem”

  • Recite it 99 times.

  • While reciting it, think about your husband.

  • Recite Durood Shareef 5 times in the end.

  • Blow it on a glass of water.

  • Make your husband drink it.

  • Insha Allah, your husband will start listening to you and obey you.

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