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How To Do Istikhara For Someone You Love

Ishtikhara is a prayer to Allah.  When you need guidance of Allah on something, you should use it. It is also used for permission and guidance from God on personal life. Before doing any meaningful work, you have to perform ishtikhara. The importance of ishtikhara is mentioned in the surah and Quran.
It is necessary to get Allah blessings. Before doing anything essential or auspicious in one’s life. So ishtikhara is used to help you with your problems. Like love problems, marriage problems and getting one’s love back, etc.

How To Perform Ishtikhara For Love Marriage

How To Perform Ishtikhara For Love Marriage, Marriages are made in heaven is an axiom. But many times against one’s wish. People try to do their marriage because of class, society, and gratification.
This is not right. Because people love someone irrespective of his class, society, etc. To marry the person of her choice is the sole right of an individual.
But many times, because of parents and societal restrictions. People have to give up their love. But this is so wrong for one’s life. Because if one genuinely love someone. It is so difficult to forget him and move ahead.

Which Ishtikhara Use For Love Back

Now, you realize your mistake. You want him to come back in your life. But you need not worry about it because we are here to help you out in this situation, by providing you Ishtikhara for love back. Ishtikhara, for love back, is a powerful divine tool. As a result of ishtikhara. You can get your lover back in your life.
Now we will tell you how to do the ruqyah for love between husband and wife. Firstly, clean yourself. Next, do your daily namaz. Now recite Durood Ibrahim. This you have to recite 11 times. Next, recite Surah Ikhlass. This you must recite 313 times. Next, recite Ya Wadoodo. This also you must recite 313 times. Finally, recite durood Ibrahim 11 times.
After you have finished the process of ruqyah for love between husband and wife, then imagine the face of your spouse. At this time, pray to Allah. Ask him the make things alright between you and your partner.

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Girl in a jacket

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