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Spell To Make Enemies Fight Each Other

Spell To Make Enemies Fight Each Other or to create enmity can be use to separate two persons by creating conflict. You can use our spell to confuse enemies for enemies fight each other.

Enemies are the worst creature that exists on this earth, and they will not like it when you climb the ladder of success, and always find them back to pull your leg from that ladder to make you fall from it. They are the ones who can commit any wrongdoing, to make you cry, to destroy you. As they are the ones who always feel jealous of you, they can’t see you happy.

Either you know about your enemy, or you even can’t judge who is your real enemy, as you can’t predict someone by looking at their face them back may hide in various disguises such as they may pretend to look like your real best friend on whom you have more faith than your family; they may act as your relative or neighbor.

Here we would suggest you never make a very close attachment with anyone else. Do not discuss all your belongings all your matters with anyone else because you never know who your enemy is and where he or she is. But when you have more than one enemy, then either it would a benefit for you, or it would be a significant disadvantage for you.

The disadvantage in terms of they both may merge in one team, and their power will become double to destroy you, whereas advantage in terms of they both may become each other enemies and start a fight to one another by which you will get save from both of them.

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Spell To Create Enmity.

Spell To Create Enmity, Many times, you may do not like it when one of your friends becomes a friend with your enemy or the person you do not like. At such time, you may tell your friend not to go further or not to continue his/her friendship with that person, but many times you face rejection from your friend’s end. At that time, you think to change the whole situation

How To Create Enmity?

If you are looking for a solution to make your friend enemy with your other enemy for one another, then you are in the right place.

Today we will discuss a spell, by which you can make two-person enemies of one another with the help of some easy performing rituals.

  • Two ripe lemons

  • One knife

  • Black pencil

  • Two Parchment Paper

  • Vinegar


  1. all your material at a clean and calm place, then start meditating for a few minutes. It is mandatory to calm your heart, mind, and body before performing such spell otherwise you may make any mistake in it

  2. Now take two ripe lemons, rub them nicely, and make holes on their root end.

  3. Write first enemy name on parchment paper for at least eight times and then write another enemy name on the other article for the same at least eight times.

  4. Now place both the papers inside the two single lemons. Bury them in your backyard or a pot, or the garden and everyday pour vinegar on it until your friend becomes enemy with your enemy

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