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Spell To Make My Boyfriend Leave Me

Spell To Make My Boyfriend Leave Me or to make someone lose interest in you can be use to make someone fall out of love with you. Use Spell to Make Someone Leave You Alone for good result.

You can use a spell to make my boyfriend leave me. It will help you get rid of your not-so-suitable boyfriend. Moreover, you can gain peace and happiness.

  • noint one black candle and one purple candle with vinegar. Now, consciously light them. Put the black candle on the left and the purple candle on the right of your altar. Then, cut a lemon in half. Now, sprinkle some cayenne pepper, black pepper and few drops of vinegar on each lemon half. Cut your picture so that only the faces remain. Use nails to pin them to the flesh of the halves. Next, put the halves together with nails. Also, tie them with a black string. After your spell, keep the lemon between the candles until they burn out. Finally, bury the lemon in-ground as deep as you can.

  • Again, light a black candle and stare into its flame. Now, write your names on a paper. Then, put three drops of garlic oil on each name. Now, add 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper and some salt on top. Next, take candle in your hand and close your eyes. Also, send a request to the universe. Then, drop some wax on the paper, oil, salt and pepper. After you thoroughly coat them with wax, snuff out the candle. Repeat it the next full moon until it completely extinguishes.

Spell To Make Someone Lose Interest In You

Black magic has been in popularity since nowadays people use it for good reasons. People use it for the quick solving of problems like love, marriage, career, etc. Even though black magic comes with many negative effects, people still do use it to get immediate results.

At times, a person is under black magic, and then one can take his life. It is the oldest art of performing magic where the experts catch evil spirits and manipulate it. In case you are facing a problem in your relationship, business or career then black magic is useful.

The black magic experts manage the evil spirits and can cause harm from a distance. If you want to take revenge, destroy someone’s life, then also you can take the help of astrology. Afterall nobody is pleased with the life they are living in.

Which Ishtikhara Use For Love Back

Now, you realize your mistake. You want him to come back in your life. But you need not worry about it because we are here to help you out in this situation, by providing you Ishtikhara for love back. Ishtikhara, for love back, is a powerful divine tool. As a result of ishtikhara. You can get your lover back in your life.

Now we will tell you how to do the ruqyah for love between husband and wife. Firstly, clean yourself. Next, do your daily namaz. Now recite Durood Ibrahim. This you have to recite 11 times. Next, recite Surah Ikhlass. This you must recite 313 times. Next, recite Ya Wadoodo. This also you must recite 313 times. Finally, recite durood Ibrahim 11 times.

After you have finished the process of ruqyah for love between husband and wife, then imagine the face of your spouse. At this time, pray to Allah. Ask him the make things alright between you and your partner.

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Spell To Make Someone Leave You Alone

Spell To Make Someone Leave You Alone You can use a spell to make someone leave you alone. It will stop the person from bothering you. Thus, it is a handy tool to overcome harassment.

  • Write your partner’s name on a paper. Use a black candle to burn its edges. As you do so, chant your spell. Also, visualise your intent. Afterwards, take the last bit of the paper to where you usually see him. Finally, dig a hole there and bury it.

  • Write your lover’s full name and date of birth on a paper. Then, fold and bend it and hold it in your hand. Also, light a black candle. Chant a spell once while looking at its flame. Then, burn the paper and put it in a bowl — even, chant for five times. Now, blow the candle flame through a glass. Finally, take it outside and bury it safely.

  • Furthermore, on a waning moon, write your lover’s name and date of birth on a parchment paper. Now, fill an air-tight container with water. Add a little of ash leaves, clover, lovage, lilac and garlic clove. Then, fold the paper three times. Also, tie a black string and put it in the water. Finally, seal the container and keep it safely in the freezer. After you receive positive result, take it out and empty it to the earth.

Hence, you can get rid of your boyfriend with a spell to make someone leave you alone.

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